Find Us! Why We Love Boise! We love the night lights!
The Sun Feels A Little Brighter Here...
BOISE! The City of Trees! When explorers of old first came upon our beautiful valley they were amazed by the vibrant wealth of life that existed here. Not too much has changed since the old days - Boise is still a place rich with wonder, resources, and opportunity!

With a moderate Winter climate and stunning long warm days in Summer this part of Idaho abounds with chances to experience some of the best recreation in the country. Our culture here is diverse; our arts and entertainment communities provide a steady flow of great events. Beyond that there are the people themselves and they are some of the most friendly to be found!

Just minutes from downtown Sun Mountain Estates is one of the latest premier residential developments to arrive in the valley. Here you will find large open lots ready to be filled with what your dreams help build - and there's plenty of room to roam!
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